Monrovia, Liberia.




As a Jesuit effort to foster national recovery and individual flourishing, Xavier Jesuit School opened its doors in 2020, and currently hosts students from preschool through Grade 5, with the intention of expanding to secondary education in the next five years. The school is supervised by members of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) North-West Africa Province, and the school is run by staff and teachers from various religions and cultural backgrounds. Xavier Jesuit school hopes to instill its core values of integrity, excellence and service to God and humanity into each student that walks through its doors.

The school follows a Montessori approach and aims to provide equitable and quality education to students of all backgrounds and origins. Liberia is one of the poorest countries in Africa, with 2.3 million Liberians living in extreme poverty and 41.81% living on less than $1.90 USD a day. Many families struggle to give their child access to high-quality education that will set them up for a bright and successful future.

Xavier Jesuit School hopes to fund scholarships for students to go to the school, as well as expand the stimulating and valuable educational opportunities available to their students. The school provides children with breakfast and lunch as part of its educational mission.


Student Sponsorships

Despite the positive impact in the community, and a number of students already on full scholarships, the school can not admit many of the students from neighborhoods in need of transformative education which the Jesuits offer. Many parents cannot afford to send their children to school and would rather have them work on family farms. Xavier Jesuit School would like to offer full scholarships to as many economically deprived children of Liberia as possible. It costs $1,500USD to sponsor a child annually including feeding, transportation, uniforms and books.

Computer Center

Technology education is central to modern learning as it makes information and educational tools accessible for teachers and students. Xavier Jesuit School aims to install a computer center so students and teachers can have the opportunity to use reliable and up-to-date technology for learning activities.

Library for Students

The school hopes to maintain a collection of books, both new and old, to support literacy among its young students. Donations of used children’s books, as well as funds to go towards new reading materials would allow staff to expand the reading skills of Xavier Jesuit’s students.

Reliable Water and Energy

The school currently experiences unreliable power and internet connectivity, and hopes to install solar panels to create a sustainable and efficient solution to ensure that students and staff are in a safe learning environment. Additionally, clean running water is not available at the school, and students and staff currently rely on plastic water bottles. School staff aim to build a well to ensure that clean water can be made readily available to everyone at the school.


Your contribution plays a vital role in sustaining and expanding Xavier Jesuit School’s operations. Donations of any level can help sponsor a student’s educational fees, provide access to extracurricular tools, create a computer center, collect books for the library, or ensure reliable energy and water access to students and staff. Any and all donations will work towards making sure the school is able to continue its commitment to its Jesuit mission as they continue to teach students about the importance of integrity, excellence and service to God and humanity.

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The funds we raise will go to expanding the transformative education following the Jesuit tradition in Liberia. On behalf of Rev. Fr. Kevin Oodo, SJ, Principal of Xavier Jesuit School, we thank you for your donation.