What is a global citizen?

Global citizens continuously seek to deepen their awareness of their responsibility in an increasingly interconnected world, both locally and globally.

Standing in solidarity in the pursuit of a more sustainable earth, global citizens are companions in the mission of reconciliation and justice.

What is global citizenship education?

Global citizenship education (GCE) is centered on the understanding that we now live in a world in which people, places and economies are increasingly interconnected. Global challenges impact us all, and solutions demand thinking and acting beyond national borders.

Through formal and non-formal educational programs, GCE focuses on inspiring action, partnerships, dialogue and cooperation among youth. It promotes active and participatory learning approaches for engaged learners who think critically about complex issues, and develop skills in communications, cooperation, and conflict resolution.

At Magis Americas, we believe GCE provides learners with an opportunity:

  • … to use critical thinking to analyze real-life issues and creatively identify possible solutions;
  • … to revisit past assumptions, world views, and consider people/groups that are systematically underrepresented;
  • … to have a clear focus on engagement in individual and collective action to bring about desired changes; and
  • … to get involved in the community and society with multiple stakeholders, including those outside their learning environment.

If you’d like to learn more or want to connect with us for further collaboration, please reach out to Allison Doerr at a.doerr@magisamericas.org