Key Metrics

  • 6.1
    million Venezuelans have fled as of May 2022
  • 25%
    of children have been separated from a parent
  • 31%
    of the population lives in poverty
  • 40%
    of classtime missed due to school cancellations

Current Situation

Venezuela is a breathtaking country with cultural richness and beauty. However, Venezuela is experiencing one of the darkest humanitarian crises in the world. Over 17% of Venezuelans have left their country due to civil unrest and poverty and more than 4.4 million Venezuelans are displaced abroad. One of the biggest needs is to ensure Venezuelan migrants successfully integrate into their new communities because for many, returning to Venezuela is not possible.

The humanitarian crisis has furthered the degradation of the education system in Venezuela. Teachers are estimated to miss one-third of class time because of personal reasons, often due to waiting in long lines for food for their families. Teachers are chronically underpaid and many work outside of school hours. The dropout rate has doubled since 2011 and one-quarter of teenagers are not enrolled in school.

Environmental concerns and climate change impact the biodiversity of the region leading to changes in annual rainfall. The increase in mining has led to widespread deforestation. Since February 2021, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has also advocated for an increase of Venezuelan oil production of over 100 million barrels per day, a move that will further degrade the country of its natural resources.

The Solution

Our work with partners in Venezuela is comprehensive. We are tackling the issues in education exacerbated by the pandemic by working with Fe y Alegría to empower teachers to offer quality distance education and providing additional resources in order to deliver integral care to their students. We are alleviating the effects of a weak economy by supporting school nutrition programs. Lastly, we support our Venezuelan brother and sister migrants in other countries with nutrition as well as educational programs.

 Our Partners

Our partners in Venezuela include Fe y Alegría and Unidos en la Misión.