Building Bridges of Solidarity

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Doner García, a former student from Colegio San Ignacio, a Jesuit school in Caracas, Venezuela, has been living and working in Miami for nearly 15 years. Ever since he was little, he has been hearing about the work of Fe y Alegría, especially through the annual raffle that’s carried out in Venezuela. Now, as an adult, he has decided to continue supporting quality education in his home country and throughout Latin America through volunteering and collaborating with Friends of Fe y Alegría from the U.S.

Mr. García is one of the very first people to offer their generous support as a collaborator in Miami. When asked why he contributes his time and energy to help spread the word about Fe y Alegría in the U.S., he mentions that he is witness to the fact that the Fe y Alegría model of education works. In his business back home in Venezuela, Mr. García had several Fe y Alegría graduates working with him, and he can attest to the quality of their training and technical expertise after having participated in Fe y Alegría programs.

Mr. García’s entire family has now gotten involved in supporting Fe y Alegría’s mission. His wife, María Eugenia, a producer and community manager, has offered her support in developing audiovisual materials to raise awareness about our work. His mother has helped to design and print t-shirts for our ambassadors. Thanks to their willingness to take action, to practice solidarity, many members of the Latino community in Miami are learning more about the importance of the right to education and what they can do to strengthen educational programs in their countries of origin through Fe y Alegría.

Like the García family, we invite you to get involved, connect in a deeper way with Fe y Alegría and contribute by building bridges of solidarity between communities in the U.S. and Latin America, and thus support quality lifelong learning processes in places that need it the most.