Another Step in Defending the Right to Education

Post- 30abril

According to the 2000-2015 Education for All (EFA) Report launched by UNESCO, there are still 58 million children who do not attend school and 100 million who do not finish primary education.

Globally, due to the poor quality of learning in primary schools, there are still millions of children who leave school without learning basic skills.

In response to this reality, in April 2015, the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network (GIAN) Education Core Group launched edujesuit, a tool for communication and participation to defend the right to education.

This network, made up of a group of Jesuit education organizations, takes an important step in its goal of becoming an international network that brings together Jesuits and partners from around the world to demand the right to education for all within the framework of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, seeking to promote civic participation, awareness-raising and dialogue with policymakers.

Fe y Alegría plays an active role in leading this initiative. At edujesuit, you will find space to contribute to reflections on the right to education. You can locate on a map some of the concrete experiences that educational or social organizations of the Society of Jesus are carrying out in contexts of exclusion.

You can also find news, editorials and evidence showing that the education we offer changes lives every day, and finally, you will find resources on the right to education.

For more information, visit and share news and updates about what is happening in your country or region and help spread the message about this initiative.