Magis Americas has joined 95 other organizations from the Americas and Europe to call attention to significant concerns about the treatment of migrants in the region. In particular, the expiration of Title 42 at midnight tonight (May 11th, 2023) is projected to further endanger migrants, refugees, and forcibly displaced people.  We join with other Jesuit organizations in the region and around the globe in denouncing this situation of injustice and highlighting major concerns moving forward. 

Please see the official press release and full statement below:



The decisions of the United States ahead of the expiration of Title 42 (which will continue to be enforced until midnight on Thursday, May 11, 2023) and the recent agreements with other countries in the region are having a significant impact and putting guaranteed Human Rights at risk, particularly the right to request International Protection.

These decisions directly affect individuals and communities of migrates, refugees and forcibly displaced people. While the circumstances that cause their displacement increase, national and regional policies that attempt to manage migration continue to dehumanize them.

The current circumstances surrounding the expiration of Title 42 are the latest example of such policies. In response to these policies and their impact in the Americas, civil society and nongovernmental organizations call attention to some foreseeable regional implications of these state and government decisions in a joint statement (below).

In this way, we call for shared and coordinated effort, carried out with the implicated Governments, that will restore high standards regarding the protection of Human Rights and International Protection in the region, and work towards agreements which will promote a regional response focused on informed, accompanied, and protected migration that keep people and their rights at the center.

The concerns we highlight in this statement require continuous updating as migration policies in the region are implemented and their impacts are observed and measured.

Read the full statement: Concerns regarding Migration Management and Protection in the Americas