Magis Americas has joined various Jesuit development organizations and mission offices from across the Global North in supporting the Jesuit Conference of South Asia in its efforts to combat the second wave of COVID-19 in India.


In April 2021 India started to witness the worst health crisis since its Independence (1947). On April 23rd of 2021, the number of cases per day had risen to 314, 839; an increase of 350%. Today, in May 2021, there are nearly 400,000 daily infections and 3,500 deaths from COVID-19. To date, India has logged some 20 million cases of COVID-19 and 215,000 deaths, accounting for 40% of those infected worldwide. These numbers are believed to be significant undercounts, and it is estimated that this second wave may subside by June-July 2021.

There is a severe shortage of medical equipment, hygiene items, and basic food provisions. Given the current situation, this scenario is threatening and extremely disturbing.


Together with organizations such as Canadian Jesuits International, Magis Americas will coordinate fundraising efforts in the United States to support JCI’s “Break the Chain of COVID Pandemic through Community Health Surveillance System” project, which will be implemented together with Indian Social Institute (ISI).

With a $50,000 USD goal, Magis Americas aims to distribute food, deliver hygiene and protection kits, and distribute medical supplies and medicines across six states in the Indian subcontinent. Specifically, the project will:

– Establish a Community Health Surveillance System (CHSS), which will address the spread of COVID-19 in the community, especially among marginalized and vulnerable individuals;

– Implement vital awareness-raising campaigns, focused on community-based health services and infection-preventing activities, both of which follow COVID-19 protocols and provide access to critical health services; and

– Provide healthcare kits with generic medicines, masks, relief kits, etc.


As India continues to face this increasingly difficult and tragic challenge, in a year that has already seen the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbate existing inequalities, know that you can help!

Individuals interested in supporting Magis Americas’ efforts can donate via this link.