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From November 7th-8th, Friends of Fe y Alegría in the US had the opportunity to join more than 1600 people at the annual Ignatian Family Teach In for Justice in Washington DC. Organized by the Ignatian Solidarity Network, the ISN Teach In brings together people who have been inspired by their Jesuit education to commit their lives to the struggle for justice and dignity in their communities. It is a chance for youth to listen to stories of hope, to learn about organizations that are committed to working with the most vulnerable and to gain concrete advocacy skills to demand that their representatives take action on key social justice issues such as climate change, immigration and human rights.

Speakers such as Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ, author and anti-death penalty activist, Maureen O’Connell, Christian Social Ethicist and Rudy López from Interfaith Worker Justice shared about their vocations with those present, each from their own perspective of what it means to live out a faith that does justice.


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Friends of Fe y Alegría in the US participated in the Teach-In with both a table and a breakout session to raise awareness about the importance of advocacy on the right to quality, inclusive education. We also sought to share with the US Ignatian family the global mission of Fe y Alegría as a Jesuit-run educational movement that reaches more than 1.5 million students in 21 countries.

As usual, we left more inspired and motivated by the work of so many individuals and organizations working to build bridges around the world as well as by the lives of the young people who we encountered, students who are interested in analyzing the reality around them and making concrete choices to act.

Thank you to the Ignatian Family Teach In Steering Committee for all of your hard work in bringing so many voices together and for creating a space that renews and challenges us to continue to grow in love and solidarity for those living at the margins.


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