Guillermo Lacayo is not shy about his expectations for the Nicaraguan community in Miami. “I expect the maximum level of support [for Friends of Fe y Alegría] from the Nicaraguan community.” It is with this strong sense of dedication, though, that Lacayo, along with his wife Vilma and a few other friends at the Centro Espiritualidad Ignaciana (CEI)—has spent the last three years developing support for education in his native home of Nicaragua.

According to UNICEF, over 80% of children in Latin America and in the Caribbean live in poverty. Lacayo—like Friends of Fe y Alegría—believes that education, and more importantly support for education, in the region is key to future success in the region. “Support for education in Nicaragua and any other country in Latin America is of the utmost importance to lift our countries out of significant poverty and social inequality.”

And as a former student of the Colegio Centro América in Managua, Lacayo has always had a special place in his heart both for Jesuit education and Fe y Alegría. “I’ve known about Fe y Alegría since I was a child in Nicaragua … at school we would always do fundraisers to benefit Fe y Alegría”.

Replicating what he learned as a child, Lacayo and and his group at the CEI have fundraised over $7,000 for education projects in Nicaragua since 2015, which have improved the learning spaces in three schools directly impacting over 700 boys and girls. (See project reports here). “I decided to support [Friends of Fe y Alegría] because of the commitment I have with Jesuit education and with this great project.”

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