Between November 13th and 18th, the 6th World Assembly of the Global Campaign for Education will take place in Kathmandu, Nepal, where members and allies of GCE from all over the world will meet to discuss crucial and emerging issues in education, with a focus on progress and lessons learned from 2000 to 2018, and on our objectives as civil society until 2030.

This Assembly, held every four years, is an opportunity to bring together all coalitions, organizations and members of the global movement to discuss current issues; to agree and clarify collective political positions; learn from each other and exchange knowledge, and finally to set priorities and strategic directions for the coming years. Representatives from our global movement include Lucía Rodríguez from the International Federation of Fe y Alegría, Vega Castrillo from Entreculturas-Fe y Alegría Spain and Luis Carlos Soler from “Red Generación 21”. You can follow all updates related to the Assembly via #GCEWorldAssembly2018.

The Global Campaign for Education is the largest civil society movement in the world that works to defend the right to quality education for all. The World Assembly also receives other actors throughout the education movement, making the World Assembly one of the largest international gatherings of activists in the education sector.

The theme of the 6th World Assembly is: “Transforming public education systems for equality, inclusion and justice”. The theme reflects the fundamental belief of the Global Campaign for Education that education is a human right, and that quality education for all is achievable if governments and the international community have enough political will to concentrate and invest in education. It also defines the central strategic areas of focus for the Movement in the coming years.

The World Assembly will have three main moments:

  • A one-day policy forum for high-level debate on the future of education.
  • A reflection on the impact of GCE and the way forward to achieve the objectives of SDG 4.
  • Build and strengthen the movement.

Youth gathering prior to the World Assembly

This year is the first time that the Global Campaign for Education will organize this meeting. For two days, young education activists from around the world are invited to discuss the main issues related to the education sector today. In addition, representatives will be invited to present their political motions for discussion and adoption by the World Assembly. We will be accompanying Luis Carlos Soler of “Red Generación 21” from afar as he represents the youth movement of Fe y Alegría at this important encounter.