CompuTrabajo, an online employment platform that awards the best companies to work for in Colombia based on the experience of current and former employees, has added Fe y Alegría Colombia within the TOP 50 of the best companies to work for in Colombia, placing them at number 14 with a score of 4.4 out of 5.

The results came after over 2.6 million reviews were submitted to CompuTrabajo – the largest number of opinions ever recorded by an employment portal in Colombia.

Friends of Fe and Alegría extends our congratulations to our colleagues at Fe y Alegría Colombia, who work hard to defend the right to a quality education for all children through popular education and social promotion in Colombia, and we share with you part of their gratitude message:

“We express gratitude to our human talent and future employees who left their opinions regarding our organization among the 2.5 million people who register on the CompuTrabajo portal; likewise, we ratify the commitment to continue offering our services in the construction of citizenship from Peace, Reconciliation and Dignified Life.

We make this award public as part of the fruits of the work and commitment of those who work aligning their instruments, following the score and singing our hymn to not be satisfied while there is pain. We move forward, we believe in a JUST education for our children, adolescents and young people.

Thank you, thank you very much.”