Fé e Alegria Brasil

The Itaú-Unicef Award is one of the most important indicators of excellence in the service sector in Brazil. This year, for the 13th edition of the Itaú-Unicef Award, more than 3,500 projects that work to guarantee the rights of children, adolescents and young people throughout the country were submitted for consideration.

Projects are divided into two categories. Category 1 recognizes the work of “NGOs in Action”; and more than 3,000 projects were presented, and category 2 recognizes the work of “Partnerships in Action”; with over 500 projects submitted from initiatives that involve alliances between public schools and NGOs. 

After the preliminary analysis stage, in which it was verified that the projects fulfilled all the requirements, began the evaluation and selection stage of the semifinalists. The projects were evaluated by a group of approximately 140 people -both representatives and partners of the organizers- from the areas of education, social assistance, culture, and communication. The selection meetings were held in the city of São Paulo.

The project “Improving the quality of education“, carried out in partnership between Fé e Alegria Vazantes and the Joao Alves Moreira School, was selected as one of the 40 semifinalist for the award in category 2!

We will keep an eye out for more information on the next stages of this award but in the meantime CONGRATULATIONS to our friends from Fé e Alegria Brasil, Fé e Alegria Vazantes and the Joao Alves Moreira School for this achievement!

Information by Educaçao&Participaçao and Fé e Alegria Brasil.