Over a month ago the Central American University in Managua was closed and, shortly after, the Jesuit residence was also seized by the Nicaraguan government. During these past few weeks, Magis Americas staff, along with many Jesuit partners and institutions around the world, have continued to monitor the situation in Nicaragua.

We continue to join with our partners and affiliates in condemning these actions and calling for the reconstitution of the independent legal identity of both the university and the Jesuit Order in the country. However, at present, the situation appears to remain at a standstill.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that the suffering of the UCA community, or the Nicaraguan people more broadly, has ceased. The seizure of the university’s accounts means that staff and professors continue to go without pay and students are unable to return to their classrooms for the beginning of the fall semester. At the same time, the persecution of anyone who speaks out against the Nicaraguan government continues unabated in the country.

In addition to our continued condemnation of the actions of the Nicaraguan government, Magis Americas is supporting an effort by the USA Central and Southern Jesuit Province to establish an emergency fund for the UCA academic community (students, faculty and staff). We believe that it is essential to unify support around a common effort in these difficult times and we encourage you to learn more about the fund on the province website here.

We will continue to monitor the situation and pray for our Jesuit partners in Nicaragua and throughout the region. As always, we thank you for your support.