Dear friends, life is more beautiful when men and women of goodwill put their hearts and their enthusiasm in service of the common good. That’s why we tell everyone: let’s get to work for Venezuela with Fe y Alegría (Faith and Joy). (José María Vélaz, 1968)

We all know and are experiencing that we are living an acute crisis that touches all dimensions, personal, social, economic, political, institutional, cultural and ethical. And this situation is not going to fix itself. It needs our efforts, our struggle, our work, our tenacity, and our love.

There are many ways to commit to rebuilding the country. The important thing is that each and every person takes responsibility for what he or she has to do, personally and in community.

We at Fe y Alegría are committed to gradually weaving quality, meaningful education and communication, focused on constant and silent work. We know that education is not just a one-day activity, but that we must take advantage of every day, of all opportunities.

There are so many things to do, to dream, to design, to create in our schools and offices, radios and Irfa (Radio centers/programs)!

This is why, at Fe y Alegría, we have decided to dedicate Thursday, February 28th and Friday, March 1st to opening our educational centers in order to:

Plan and/or review processes. Advance pending matters.

Deepen and refresh the identity of the Movement. Creating spaces for staff interaction.

Reflect on topics and issues affecting the educational center.

To organize actions in favor of better socio-economic conditions

To provide space for personal growth and personal relationships.

To offer opportunities to strengthen our faith and hope and thus live this situation with dignity and peace.

Or to work together, where we combine encounter, work, solidarity, meeting, unresolved issues, moments of reflection, etc. etc.

It is about taking advantage of these days in the task that brings us together; to build the country that all of us long for. Each center will organize its program and activities.

“Recall that Fe y Alegría was not founded and progressed through the easy confidence in well provided checkbooks, but by the hard work of people with many kilowatts of hope and courage.” (Values ​​of Fe y Alegría, 1978)

Manuel Aristorena SJ, Executive Director of Fe y Alegría Venezuela

Caracas, February 2019

Source: Fe y Alegría Venezuela

Photo: Txuo Rodríguez Villarroel, SJ