Today, in a context where the impacts of a global pandemic are being felt in communities on various levels all around the world, teachers play an essential role in overcoming adversities and building brighter futures. Their work and commitment to guaranteeing quality education is key in driving us out of crisis.

The Fe y Alegría movement was born in Venezuela 65 years ago to give educational opportunities to all. This popular education movement goes beyond barriers, where the asphalt and electricity cannot reach, impacting the lives of thousands of students. The reality in which the teachers of the 176 Fe y Alegría educational centers live is a dire one. Following school closures due to the health and safety measures to contain the pandemic, these teachers were met with many great challenges, one of them reaching their students in a context where access to technology, electricity and the internet is not stable. Many of them, in rural areas, looked for alternatives like hand-writing lesson plans and delivering them door to door to their students.

This pandemic has shed light on the increased inequalities in access to education, furthermore, it has also shown us the importance of the roles caretakers such as teachers have in guiding future generations. Magis Americas has joined forces with TM Cell, a distributor of mobile solutions, to support these teachers and their work as educators. TM Cell has donated 100 power banks of one of its main brands , LOGIC, with the capacity to power 100 phones. These power banks will support teachers as they continue to adapt to remote learning in a context in which electricity is often incredibly unreliable. Having reliable access to a source of energy for their phones will enable them to innovate in the ways they ensure all Fe y Alegría students have continuous learning experiences adapted to their realities.

We are excited about this collaboration as we are sure it will have a great impact on the education experiences teachers will be able to give their students. We thank TMCell for their generous donation as well as their support for these real-life heroes.  If you are interested in finding out more about how you can support Fe y Alegría in Venezuela and its teachers in their mission of taking education to where the asphalt and electricity cannot reach, impacting the lives of thousands of students, join Magis Americas.

In community, we move forward.