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Starting on May 18th, Fe y Alegría launched an international campaign celebrating its 60th anniversary called Yo Siempre Tuve Fe (I Always Had Faith).

The campaign, which aims to collect 10,000 stories of individual and community transformation through Fe y Alegría, will focus its content through five themes: Quality Education, Special Education, Intercultural Bilingual Education, Vocational Education and Values-based Education.

“I would call this an international dialogue,” said Ignacio Suñol, sj, General Coordinator of the International Federation of Fe y Alegría. “We don’t want to be the ones who tell their stories, although we could because we too have experienced Fe y Alegría … we want to raise the voices of our participants (so they can share their own story).”

Former students, teachers, mothers and fathers, neighbors and anyone else who has experienced Fe y Alegría is encouraged to share their story through written submissions, photos or videos.

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