On December 5th, International Volunteer Day, we not only celebrate volunteerism in all its facets – but we also pay special tribute to volunteers working to strengthen the global education community in schools around the United States by working with us on La Silla Roja. Through volunteerism, individuals can impact their students and schools by raising awareness with their actions on the importance of defending and promoting the right to education for everyone.

La Silla Roja campaign was founded to defend the right to education of the 61 million children around the world who are still unable to attend school. The red chair represents the importance of quality, inclusive education, which seeks to attend to the needs of each person and take into account their right to be different.

Throughout this year, we have seen multiple individuals dedicating their time to defending the right to education and we therefore invite you to join us in recognizing these individuals who are engaged in volunteering their time, energies, and skills to change the world for a better future. Thank you to each and everyone of you!

If you are thinking of taking action, don’t hesitate and become a part of the movement! As the new United Nations Sustainable Development agenda begins to take root, we invite you to join us in continuing the struggle for “inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”.


For more information, please visit www.feyalegria.us/our-work/la-silla-roja