Our Programs

Magis Americas assists the Fe y Alegría network of schools and training centers in Latin America and the Caribbean to prepare and submit applications for funding of its programs to North American donors. Magis Americas serves as an intermediary between the Fe y Alegría grant receiving organizations in 17 countries and the US foundations, private donors, and corporations.

Historically Magis Americas has also initiated and facilitated action partnerships between Fe y Alegría and international agencies and private corporations. The partnerships facilitated by Magis Americas were aimed at introducing better methods of teacher training, curriculum development, school management, performance monitoring and community involvement in both Fe y Alegría schools and in public schools serving poor communities throughout the region.

Magis Americas actively engages agencies and private companies to participate in action partnerships.


Friends of Fe y Alegría is a project between Magis Americas and the International Federation of Fe y Alegría that seeks to create awareness, build partnerships, share knowledge on global social justice and raise funds. For more information click here.

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