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“Magis” (pronounced màh-gis) is a Latin word that means “more and better.” The name signifies our efforts to provide more education of a higher quality to children and youth throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Magis Americas, Inc. is an independent nonprofit 501(c)3 organization based in Washington, DC. Our mission is to expand the availability of quality education and vocational training for people living in marginalized and impoverished communities throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Through this mission we seek to combat poverty and exclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean by enabling disadvantaged populations to join the social and economic mainstreams of their societies. Today over 100 million people in this region live on less than $3 per day-that’s about $1,000 per year. One of their greatest needs is for high-quality education that will enable them to secure well-paying jobs, thereby supporting their families and contributing to their communities.

In pursuit of this mission, Magis Americas’ role is to mobilize financial and other resources from philanthropists, foundations, corporations and international agencies and to channel these resources to highly effective programs, such as Fe y Alegría‘s network of 3,000 schools and training centers located in 17 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Magis Americas also seeks to provide support for civil society projects sponsored by the Society of Jesus in Latin America.

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