Global Citizenship Education

At Magis Americas, we believe that education is the most powerful tool to break the fateful cycle of poverty, inequality and exclusion. Unfortunately, students who need it the most are still denied this basic human rights. As of 2018, there are more than 264 million girls, boys, and youth who are out of school worldwide. Adults too have been denied an education, as 774 million adults (two-thirds of whom are women) have had the right to education denied to them in the course of their life and can neither read nor write. That’s 17% of the global adult population.

This lack of education only serves to perpetuate poverty, it marginalizing communities and depriving them of opportunities to live with dignity and to recognize their full potential. Where the right to education is guaranteed, people have greater access to enjoy other rights. Quality, inclusive education is the best foundation to improving people’s lives and ensuring sustainable human development.

At Magis Americas, we work with right to education advocates, to demand that this right be fulfilled and for all stakeholders involved to follow through on their political commitments with the right to education. Working with local partners such as Fe y Alegría–which has over 60 years of dedication to promoting quality, inclusive education with those living at the margins–we speak from experience.

Here in the United States, we work through our Friends of Fe y Alegría initiative to ensure that the next generation of citizens from the Global North are aware of both their rights and their responsibilities to ensure that their colleagues around the world also exercise the same right to education that they so freely enjoy. Whether its through La Silla Roja campaign or through other global citizenship education materials, Magis Americas, through Friends of Fe y Alegría, is dedicated to defending the right to quality and inclusive education. To learn more, visit Friends of Fe y Alegría’s Global Citizenship Education page.