Fe y Alegría

FIFyA launches “Red Generación 21”

[Graphic by Angie Suárez/Federación Internacional de Fe y Alegría]

Following more than two years of planning–and on the heels of Pope Francis’ words to Colombian youth in September to “not be afraid of the future … [but] dare to dream big“– the International Federation of Fe y Alegría (FIFyA) launched Red Generación 21 this past Friday in Corrientes, Argentina.

A multinational network comprised of Fe y Alegría students from 21 countries around Latin America, Europe and Africa, Red Generación 21 (Generation 21 Network in English) aims to educate students in becoming active protagonists in the social transformation of their communities and countries. “Red Generación 21 is a proposal for young women and men who believe another world is possible and necessary … youth who feel motivated to contribute to transforming situations of violence within their communities,” said Juan Pablo Rayo Arango, Red Generación 21 Coordinator.

The seeds of Red Generación 21 were first planted two years ago, upon completion of the XLV International Congress in Barranquilla, Colombia, whose theme was “Youth, Citizenship and Peace Cultures”. Following the XLVI International Congress in Lima, Peru last year–where youth once again played a prominent role–FIFyA formally approved a plan to create an international network of Fe y Alegría students. As such, and building on national and regional processes that have successfully organized youth for social change, such as the FormAcción para la ParticipAcción project, Red Generación 21 aims to develop training methodologies that equip youth with capacities in leadership, community organizing and assessing the roles that peace and gender play within their communities.

Following Friday’s launch, Red Generación 21 will spend the next few months developing a training plan, with the ultimate goal of launching a public advocacy campaign in 2018.

Red Generación 21 is a conscious response [from Fe y Alegría] to expand the possibilities of real and concrete change by channeling the indignation and commitment of our youth,” said FIFyA General Coordinator Carlos Fritzen, S.J.

For more information, visit www.feyalegria.org